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Turn-key Installation of VACONO products as

which are installed on-site through its own personnel. A complete service from a single source is thereby assured.

As VACONOTANK-Service our prime source of contact are the personnel in the Engineering Department as well as those in the Service and Maintenance Departments of Refineries and Tank Storage Depot Operators responsible for the Storage and Product Tanks and offer the following range of services.

Regular Inspection of VACONODECKS and VACONODOMES

  • Qualified performance by the supplier
  • Risk reduction for further tank operations (Downtime)
  • New warranty from VACONO

Dismantling as well as Re-erection of the complete VACONODECK to enable tank repair work.

  • Considerable time and cost savings are achieved for tank repair work where a deck is removed.
  • No damage to the deck during tank work
  • Clear and reliable time plan without unforeseen incidents during the repair
  • New warranty from VACONO

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